Critical Awesomeness

The problem with naming and defining your belief system is that as soon as you do that, as soon as you give it a label and start saying what it is and what it isn’t, you give people something to fight about.  Something to be assholes about.  Regardless, I’ve decided that from now on, whenever someone asks me what religion I am, I’m going to say “Critical Awesomeness.”  Just to be funny.

But in my mind it works, because it’s sort of a combination of Critical Thinking and the Awesomeness of Life.  It’s the point that you can be scientific and rational and reasonable and still be spiritual.  They’re not mutually exclusive.  And you can be scientific and spiritual and still have a sense of humor.

Heh, I did a quick Google search just to see what ‘Critical Awesomeness’ would yield.  According to the webcomic Geeks with Swords it’s the point at which people or events are so awesome, things start exploding.

This absolutely guarantees that I will use ‘Critical Awesomeness’ to describe my religious and philosophical beliefs for the rest of my life.

Briefly, my spiritual and philosophical beliefs are as follows:

I believe that the purpose of our lives is simply to have experiences. That’s it. And therefore, everyone in the world is doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing.

As far as the specifics of how to live life, I try to use science, critical thinking, and Buddhism as guidelines.  Buddha himself once said, “Believe nothing, no matter who said it—even if I said it—if it does not agree with your own reason and common sense.”  So I’m trying to be nonjudgmental, I’m trying to not be attached to things that are inherently impermanent, but it’s not always easy.  Because I’m human, and I have emotions and flaws.  And a really weird sense of humor.

I started this blog because mainly because I want to improve my writing, and I strive for a higher standard of quality when I have the delusion that other people will read it, as opposed to writing in a journal that’s only for me.  Also, I want to develop and expand upon my current ideas, and this seems like a good way to do so.

Now for the record, I’m not saying that my ideas or opinions are awesome, but rather it’s the awesomeness of the world we live in that inspires me to write.  A lot of things are frustrating and depressing, but taken as a whole I think this world we live in is pretty damn cool.

And I enjoy writing about it.