A Year On Every Continent

It started as a joke. I was born and raised in America, and never left the North American continent until the age of 22, when I joined the Peace Corps and went to Tanzania, East Africa, for two years. I met a girl there and fell in love, and eventually moved to England to be with her.

It didn’t work out.

But while I was in England I decided that since I was already almost halfway there, I might as well keep going. So I did. After four years in Europe I moved to China, where I lived for a year and a half. Now I live in Australia.

I do have two additional personal requirements to this completely random and arbitrary goal: 1) I have to work at some point, and if possible it should be in science or education, and 2) I have to write a non-fiction book about my experiences on each continent.

While I was in Africa I came to the conclusion that you can’t really understand a culture unless you’ve actually lived within it for at least six months, and preferably a full year. I don’t know if that’s really true, or true for everyone, but it’s been pretty true for me.

– Africa –


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