South America

– Antarctica –

My friend from Columbia insists that North America and South America are the same continent, but since I’m American and was brought up in the American school system, I’m going by the American designation of seven continents, with North and South America being separate entities.

She also doesn’t like the fact that people from the United States refer to themselves as Americans as if they’re the only ones with a claim to that title, but that’s her problem.

I’m saving South America for last because I think I’ll be needing to give myself some kind of reward for living in Antarctica for a year.


2 Responses to South America

  1. Psst… Andy. I’m pretty sure you can only live in Antarctica for six months. They ship all non-essential personnel out at night – you know, the 6 month long night. At least that was the case when my friend went.

    They teach us that North and South America are different continents too. Of course, when I went through the school system Australia was a continent. Now apparently we are just part of Oceania. Or so I am told.

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