– Australia –

Antarctica is next. Probably.

It’s going to be a tough one. There’s a surprising amount of people who actually want to live there, so getting a job is pretty competitive. And you do have to get a job; the only reason it’s even inhabited is because of the research bases, so if you’re not doing research or part of the support staff, you can’t just hang out there.

I imagine the title of a book about a year in Antarctica will be something like WTF Was I Thinking?

– South America –


2 Responses to Antarctica

  1. A friend of ours went to Antarctica. He’s a paramedic and volunteer firefighter so he doubled in both roles. It helps if you have multiple skill sets you can offer. They only have a limited number of people there, so the more things more people can do, the better off they are. Our friend apparently loved it. He wants to go back. I think he’s insane… but plenty of people think I’m insane, so what would I know? Of course there’s not much to do there during, say, blizzards, so I loaded him up with 15 seasons of Stargate. Digital versions, cause, you know, there are luggage limits. Apparently this made me very popular with a bunch of people I don’t know.

    You know what I learned from our friend’s trip to Antarctica? You know that thing you see penguins do in cartoons, when they run and skate across ice on their belly? They really do it…

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